On average, American homeowners sell and move about every five to seven years. There are any number of reasons why homeowners move, but for those who have lived in the same home for 30 years, they have a difficult time understanding any reason to sell their home. In fact, they are shocked that people move so often. But their day to sell and move will come as well. And it just might make sense to sell right now.

Low Inventory

When there is a lack of homes for sale in a particular area, it is a great time to put your house on the market. A new listing will be noticed right away and since there is little competition, buyers are lying in wait ready to pounce. This holds especially true if your home is located in a desirable neighborhood. If inventory is low, it makes sense to at least consider selling.

Low Rates

It doesn’t matter if you think mortgage rates will go up or go down, they are still low and this helps sellers as buyers can afford to pay more. And if you still aren’t convinced that low-interest rates are a good reason to sell your home, consider this: If you sell and plan on buying right away, the lower interest rates give you the same advantage as the people who buy your home. So the money you make on your current home will go a lot further in financing another home.

There is an Urgency

There are plenty of reasons people need to get into a home fast. Companies are doing better and hiring more employees and transferring the ones they already have, which means there are people out there who need a place to live, like, right now. And if there is a sense of urgency, it bodes well for you.

New Administration

Whenever a new president takes the helm, there is speculation and uncertainty. There are people who might feel the time to buy a home is right now, before anything drastically changes.

Interest Rates Might Rise

There are a number of people who are worried that interest rates could rise this year. Interest rates have been low for a very long time and change is almost inevitable. Whether interest rates rise or not is not important right now, if people think they will rise, it prompts them to hit the market and search houses for sale in Brentwood.

Consumer Confidence

As unemployment decreases and wages increase, consumer confidence climbs. An increased confidence will spur people to jump right into the housing market. This is good news for you, if you are planning on selling your home that is.

Rising Home Prices

A greater demand has pushed up the prices of homes. This is especially good news if your home value plunged during the recession. You can now sell your home without having to take a loss.

If you are considering selling your home, this might be the opportune time to do so.