Fireplaces are a favorite amenity that most buyers consider a plus when they are searching houses for sale in Brentwood. Gas fireplaces add an extra touch of vitality to a house and offer a great number of benefits.


A fireplace will add a natural element to your home, regardless the style or age. The look and feel of a fireplace provide a calming and relaxing sensation. A fireplace is also a great focal point of a room.fireplace


There is no better way to set a romantic mood than with a fireplace . Whether you and your significant other are curling up to watch a movie, enjoy a fabulous dinner or playing a game of Twister, a fireplace adds to any activity you choose.

Lower Utility Costs

When the weather cools down, your utility bills go up. One way to combat this is with a fireplace. Gas and electric fireplaces are efficient at heating up the room you are in.

Ease of Use

Turning on your gas fireplace is as simple as turning a knob. In fact, modern gas fireplaces can be turned on by a mere flick of a switch. It takes more work than that to turn on your television and cable.

Looks Great

Changing the look of your fireplace will change the look of the entire room. Trendy options for fireplace types include wood, marble, stone and tile.

Fireplaces do so much more than just provide heat. They add ambiance, romance and even increase the value of your home.