What are some features you look for when searching homes for sale in Brentwood? As you are searching for a home to buy, there are trends you are no doubt looking for, like an open design or a modern kitchen. But there are even more desirable features in homes that buyers are willing to pay extra for. Here are just a few.


About 40 percent of home buyers are willing to fork out added dough for a fireplace. Fireplaces have been popular for a long time, but when it was fashionable to have a television in every room, they lost some favor. Many think that fireplaces are the future with people spending less time watching television.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are an important feature for those who fall between the ages of 30 and 50. Stainless steel appliances aren’t the best of investment as stainless steel wears out much more quickly than other materials. In addition, children somehow manage to wreak havoc on these appliances, covering them with greasy fingerprints. Despite their drawbacks, many people still love stainless steel appliances due to their attractiveness.

Hardwood Floors

About one in four home buyers consider hardwood floors to be very important when looking for a new home. People over the age of 55 still prefer carpet as they consider it more comfortable and the insulation makes them feel warmer. But for young couples with children, hardwood floors are their choice because they are easy to clean and maintain.

Central Air

A whopping 70 percent of home buyers are willing to pay extra for central air conditioning. Whether the home buyers are a young couple with children or an older couple, it is important to them to have access to air conditioning. In fact, many home buyers won’t even consider a home without it.

Neutral Decor

You might be impressed with the bold colors you have in your kitchen and bedrooms, but most homebuyers prefer neutral decor. This makes it easier for them to envision how they would decorate.

Walk-In Closet

Well over half of home buyers are willing to pay extra for a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. A walk-in closet is desired because it offers a great amount of space for storage and because it is a status symbol. It’s true, people do boast about having a walk-in closet. When giving a tour of their home, owners are just as likely to show off their walk-in closet as they are their new kitchen.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are an important feature that many home buyers desire. They are handy for those who are raising a family as they provide additional room for food and can help keep the kitchen more organized.

Eat-In Kitchen

An eat-in kitchen is considered very important for about 30 percent of home buyers. Eat-in kitchens are especially important for those who are raising families and want kitchens that can second as space for entertainment. Couples with children want one space in which the entire family can hang out and an eat-in kitchen provides such a space.