The internet didn’t create kitchen envy, but it sure has made it very easy for people to see how other homeowners have transformed their kitchens into dream spaces. Because the kitchen is the epicenter of any home, it is quite easy to see why it gets so much attention. The kitchen is, after all, the space where the family gathers, meals are prepared and jocularity ensues.

Many homeowners feel their kitchens are outdated with worn cabinets, dated appliances and cracked and stained countertops. But what they fail to see are the reasons beyond aesthetics why their kitchens need to be remodeled. Take a close look at some of the homes for sale in Brentwood, many of them have recently had their kitchens remodeled.

There are hundreds of reasons to have your kitchen remodeled, here are just a few.

Improve Functionality

The remodeling process involves the introduction of new features in your kitchen for you to enjoy. New appliances help make your cooking experience easier, faster and more effective. Technological advances in disposals, dishwashers and other appliances could save you a considerable amount of money in energy costs. You might be living in the 2000s, but your kitchen is still living in the 1970s.


A newly designed kitchen can increase the interactions you have with others. When a kitchen is opened up to other rooms, the person preparing the meals is no longer isolated. The kitchen now becomes a part of the action.


People love to entertain, but it doesn’t happen in a small and cramped kitchen. Even if you have a large kitchen, it might be poorly designed and a remodel will encourage entertainment and compel you to want to show off your new space.


kitchens-side-page-content-image-011717The current kitchen layout may have worked rather well for the previous owners, but certainly not for you or your family. Maybe your kitchen lacks a breakfast bar, a place where your family would gather every morning to grab a cup of coffee or a quick meal. Regardless the reason, one motivation for a kitchen remodel is to have it designed to suit your family’s needs.


If you aren’t satisfied with the amount of counter space you currently have in your kitchen, a remodel could be your solution. The spot where your refrigerator stands or the shape of your counter tops could be taking away useful workspace.


If there is more than one inspired chef in the family, making more room around the stove will help traffic flow.

Suit Your Personal Taste

You hate the cabinets, you hate the flooring, you hate most everything about your kitchen, a very good reason to have it remodeled. In fact, renovation is the only way you will have a kitchen that suits your tastes.

Boost Value

An up-to-date kitchen not only sets your home apart from others, it also adds to the resale value. Indeed, a kitchen remodel is an investment.

Eliminate The Kitchen Desk

The kitchen desk was all the rage about 20 years ago. Now, it is just a desk in the kitchen cluttered with papers and other junk. Kitchen fads come and kitchen fads go, if your kitchen contains an outdated fad, a remodel is the ideal solution.