Homes for sale in Brentwood command higher prices and take less time to sell if they have high curb appeal. Curb appeal is critical when you put your home on the market and it means much more than just mowing the lawn and picking the kids’ toys from the driveway. The way your home looks from the street can add thousands to the value and have potential buyers trying to outbid each other. So which projects will boost your curb appeal the most? Here are a few.

Fresh Paint

The most offered advice from real estate agents is to give your house a paint job as potential house buyers will immediately take notice and appraisers will set a value on it. Your best bet is to keep the color the same and resist the urge to make a statement with some crazy


The condition of your roof is another thing potential buyers will take note of right away. Missing, faded or curled shingles take away from the value of your home and look really bad to potential buyers. It looks even worse if your neighbors have recently replaced their roofs. You can either pay for a new roof or roof repairs now or expect to take a hit on your appraisal.

Rock the Mailbox

That’s right, an upscale mailbox with fancy numbers and letters will make your house stand out. But even if you don’t want to fork out the money for a new mailbox, at least drop a few bucks on some paint to give your current mailbox a needed facelift.